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The word "bala" means power and strength in the ancient Sanskrit language, which is why Bala Fitness is your West Chester destination for personal training. Owned by NASM certified trainer, ISSA certified nutritionist, and 500+ hour yoga instructor Stephanie Markstein, Bala Fitness represents the best option for adults of all ages who seek to gain strength, balance, and flexibility while juggling demanding schedules. 

Stephanie offers challenging but concise workouts, as well as nutritional support, customized for the needs of her diverse clients. Stephanie's slogan, "Empowering Lives Through Movement", underscores her commitment to comprehensive guidance in her clients' journeys to a more vibrant and healthy lifestyle. Join Bala Fitness to unlock your potential, stoke your inner athlete, and take steps towards a healthier, empowered you.

Stephanie Markstein is a dynamic force in the world of fitness and wellness, renowned for her unwavering commitment to empowering others on their transformative fitness journeys. As a NASM certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Stephanie blends her expertise with a deep understanding of the challenges that busy lives present.

With a passion for nurturing well-being, Stephanie crafts personalized fitness programs that harmoniously integrate strength training and holistic wellness. Her dedication to "Empowering Lives Through Movement" is evident in every session, as she guides individuals to unlock their potential, and ignite their energy.

Stephanie Markstein holds a deep belief that movement isn't just an activity; it's a way of life. With a mission rooted in inspiring you to become the best version of yourself, Stephanie's approach revolves around tailored programs that prioritize resistance training, balance, and flexibility. 

Stephanie maintains the highest standards while also embracing compassion and enthusiasm. She firmly believes that success is attainable for anyone who possesses the desire and commitment to put in the necessary work.

Stephanie's philosophy is all about making the transformative power of movement accessible to all, and she's dedicated to helping all her clients reach their potential. Join her in the pursuit of a healthier, stronger, and more balanced life.

Nutrition guidance

Day to day advice as needed

Meal Planning Support

Customized Stretching

Nutrition Fitness Integration

Focus on balance

500-Hour Yoga Instructor

20+ Years experience

CUSTOMIZED strength workouts

customized toning plans

TRX Training Available

Bodyweight and dumbbell training



  • Strength Training West Chester 
  • NASM Certified in West Chester
  • Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Women's Fitness Specialist

Balance and Flexibility

  • Balanced Fitness Workouts
  • Transformative Fitness Experience
  • 500-Hour Yoga Instructor
  • Wellness Coaching and Training


  • Nutritional Guidance West Chester
  • ISSA Certified Nutritionist
  • Day to Day Dietary Support 
  • Integrating Nutrition and Fitness


When it comes to strength in West Chester, look no further than Stephanie Markstein at Bala Fitness. As a certified personal trainer with a specialization in women's fitness and senior fitness, Stephanie is your go-to expert for building strength that matters.

Our strength training programs in West Chester are designed with Stephanie's expertise to help you achieve your fitness goals effectively. We're not about fancy gimmicks; we're about practical, results-driven workouts that make a difference in how you feel every day.

Stephanie's functional training expertise ensures that your strength isn't limited to the gym; it's about real-life functional strength. Whether you're a woman looking to enhance your fitness routine or a local seeking senior-specific fitness solutions, Stephanie has you covered right here in our local West Chester community.

Join us at Bala Fitness, where strength isn't just a goal; it's a lifestyle. Discover the difference personalized, expert-led training can make.

Balance and Flexibility

At Bala Fitness, Stephanie understands that balance is the key to overall well-being. Led by Stephanie Markstein, a certified personal trainer and certified 500-hour yoga instructor, our programs in West Chester are designed to help you elevate your fitness journey and achieve balanced wellness.

Discover a transformative fitness experience that goes beyond traditional workouts. We combine elements of yoga and fitness to provide a well-rounded approach to health and wellness. Stephanie's expertise ensures that her wellness coaching and training programs are not only effective but also personalized to your unique needs.

Whether you're seeking balance in your physical fitness and mobility, or overall lifestyle, we're here to guide you in your wellness journey. Join Stephanie in West Chester and experience the difference that expert-led training can make in achieving balance and well-being.


Our expert-led services go beyond traditional personal training. Experience the benefits of our nutritional guidance, where tailored advice complements your fitness journey. Our nutritionist-led wellness programs are designed for real-life results, not one-size-fits-all solutions.

Health is at the core of what we do. Our health-focused personal training, led by NASM-certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Stephanie Markstein, marries the worlds of fitness and nutrition. Achieve comprehensive wellness through our integrated approach, where nutrition and fitness work in tandem to enhance your vitality.

Unlock your potential with Bala Fitness. We believe that true well-being is found in synergy. Embrace a regimen that nourishes both body and mind, and step into a healthier, balanced you.


Very Committed (12 Months)

Transform your fitness journey with unwavering dedication—choose from 4, 3, or 2 sessions per week for a full year commitment.

Committed (6 Months)

Make a meaningful stride towards your goals over 6 months with 4, 3, or 2 sessions per week tailored to your progress.

Sort of Committed (3 months)

Discover the potential of focused training in a 3-month program with options of 4, 3, or 2 sessions per week to kickstart your journey.


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